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Now that you have made your decision regarding your University and what you are going to study, it's time to think of where you are going to live.

H.A.L.O. aims to make the process of finding somewhere to live in Britain easier for you by making available a wide range of different accommodation choices, all of which we have viewed, are clean, safe and usually within easy reach of your University. We try to ensure that accommodation options are all inclusive so that you know exactly what your costs are, before you go.

Accommodation is an affordable option and you are guaranteed a safe, friendly place to live which offers good value for money. It is also a great way to meet people when you first arrive and are new to University life.

Some of the choices for accommodation providers are listed here; obviously this is not the entire list of options available to you, it's an example of the style and choices available.


We want all of our residents to have the best time of their lives living in our communities. For many of you it could be the first time you have left home and for some it will even mean starting a life in a whole new country. We will always do everything we can to make your experience as positive, exciting, fun and rewarding as possible.



Victoria Hall is the ideal place to live whilst studying at University or College. Our award winning accommodation is situated in purpose built, modern complexes providing the perfect environment to get the most out of any academic lifestyle.



We are UNITE, the UK's leading developer and manager of purpose-built student accommodation, established in 1991. We are home to 40,000 students in over 120 properties across the UK, throughout 24 key university towns and cities.