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H.A.L.O. was founded as an educational consultancy group with the belief that there is a University place for every student that suits our students' needs, dreams and ability. With over 30 years of experience in Education our central message is that the student comes first and foremost, from high school through to PhD level you are our only priority.

Our mission

What we want is to support you and to inspire you to meet the career challenges you must face in your personal development, by doing so you will benefit as individuals, and so in turn does society at large.

We have expanded through the years and are currently operating in Greece, Cyprus and Germany, where our trained counselors are capable of putting even the most nervous of students at ease, we pride ourselves in getting to know each of our students individual needs, and celebrate in each of their achievements.

Our high quality uniquely tailored services help us to assist students in reaching and maximizing their potential. New students constantly face many challenges, educational, cultural and language barriers to name only a few. The support you will receive from us throughout your studies will help you to become more focused and well-rounded individuals.

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